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Hi! I am Jordan Lazarus, Owner & Executive Chef of Lekker Eats! Lekker Eats began as a small idea I had while living overseas working and traveling on private yachts. After attending culinary school in Cape Town, South Africa, I cooked all over the world, including places such as New Zealand, Fiji and Vanuatu. It wasn’t until I returned to my hometown of Myrtle Beach, for some much needed time off, that I realized I was ready to bring my passion, lifestyle and experience with food from overseas back to where I was rooted - Myrtle Beach.

While living in South Africa I had the biggest personal growth that I had ever seen in myself and still consider it to be the most transcendent time in my life. So, when I was trying to find the perfect name for my new business I knew I needed to bring my travels and experiences from around the world home to share. Lekker is the native way in South Africa to say "all is good". It is an Afrikaans slang term used and was one of my favorite terms I learned during my time there. Whether the food is lekker or the music is lekker, it is just always lekker to be lekker!  That is where the name Lekker Eats was born. The rest is history.

I opened the very first Lekker Eats location in 2021 where I successfully ran a grab-n-go concept for two years. While I loved the grab-n-go concept I felt that I was limited in such a small space. I wanted to feed more people, have a larger menu, have more seating and so I took the leap and upgraded to what is now known as Lekker Eats Market + Kitchen, Lekker’s largest space yet!

I hope in this space I can share with you my love for clean, healthy and most importantly, yummy food. I take pride in our menu because Lekker Eats is more than just food…it is about the love and adventure behind the ingredients. I hope that each time you walk into Lekker Eats that you leave feeling a little lighter, a little brighter and a little more lekker than when you walked in!

xx Jordan
3751 grissom pkwy, suite 101, myrtle beach
mon-fri 8:00-4:00
sat: 9:00-3:00
mon-fri 8:00-5:30
sat: 9:00-3:00
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